How to learn vocabulary?

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Some things I write about here are generally accepted as being good or advisable, but there are areas in which I don’t agree with “received knowledge” regarding language learning. One of these areas is vocabulary. Any teacher, student or researcher will of course agree that vocabulary is very important, but few of them will go as far as I will in this direction.

Without grammar, very little can be conveyed Without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed.

By David A. Wilkins (1972)

Knowing many words will

  • 1. Greatly increase your reading and listening comprehension
  • 2. Enable you to communicate even if you know only a little grammar.
  • 3. Accelerate your learning in general, because you understand more
  •     of the language you’re exposed to.

Importance of vocabulary

  • 1. Appear in every language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • 2. Support Good Communications.
  • 3. Helps to define and translate the meaning.